Ohayoo… Even more tired today

Even more tired today than yesterday. I blame the weather – clowds (kumori) hanging at the level of houses’ roofs, and another pouring rain… Nothing as bad as in the southern parts of Japan, where heavy rains and mudslides have continued for several days and whole areas need to be evacuated, many people have been reported missing or dead, and the live newsfeed from the area looks really depressing… (See the Japan Times coverage).
Got to wake up, though… Today’s breakfast: Green tea (o-cha), a banana (the only type of fruit that is abailable at reasonable prices – one peach costs 300 yen, 150gm of pineapple 200 yen, and a handful of grapes 300… I can’t understand how 2 carrots can cost 150 (1 euro, approx)…), a local type of vanilla yoghurt (“An elegant tasta, it’s nice as it is genuine”) which is quite good, even though it tastes more like vanilla sauce, and a piece of bread with cheese and ham. Should be enough until dinner.
-15 min later, at a rather empty Institute-
Phuck. Forgot. A national holiday today. Kids playing BB at the field. Not that it’s matter so much for working – half of the lab members are here and they’re conducting a joint effort on experimenting on one (1) new kind of genetically modified mouse, in 6 set-ups at the same time… but, the campus cafeterias or the swimming pools are not operating. So, my nuritive and excercise plans for today lie in ruins… wonder if it is too late to go back to sleep, probably is, I am not usually able to fall asleep again after I have left home and drank half a liter of tea.
Still, as the Mouse(tm) is being prepared already at 11AM, the experimenting should be finished by 5PM at latest, meaning that if I schedule my preparations well enough I could be done with my experiments at 9PM (after that I’ll have to spend 1 hour or two for cleaning up and preparing for tomorrow, but anyhow could be back home well before midnight and thus get a few hours more sleep next night – that is, if I won’t spend half of the night babbling to this Blog…)
… just maybe this day will turn out allright.
– past midnight –
Crunching a cold springroll and wondering if I will soon learn to sleep while walking in addition to sleeping in trains…
… it seems that even Japan is such a developed country with all kinds of gadgets simplifying life and making it all so much more efficient, they still haven’t got rid of the mighty Monday-effect. Even though everything was supposedly fine (regarding experimental work), I left the setup after 5 hours of truggling and with only a pitiful 2-minute recording of an unknown cell with unclear membrane potential.
After having completed some tasks before noon, like, preparing a set of new solutions, I decided I’ll need some food and left for the Wako centrum to get a latte and a sandwich – and by the way bought some food for dinner. After walking back to the institute (spelling out phone-order menu for Mos Burger) with the imminent danger of starvation evaded with rather expensive food, I was told that Prof. K. had ordered Pizza Hut pizzas for everyone – after eating 3 small slices I was stuffed like a turkey. Did not remember how heavy food those panpizzas were… and had an aching stomach for the rest of the day and night, with no appetite for anything … Also, I learned later that the pool had been open. Darn.
The other lab members performed a high-level operation with the one mouse. It was the only of its kind, and they wanted to perform as many experiments with it as possible. So, in the morning, after a 2-hour operation meeting (deciding the used solutions, anaesthetizing agent, the order of cutting etc) the brain was cut into 3 parts, each of which was then further prepared by individual people – and finally, all the slices were distributed among set-ups and experiments perfomed for 5 hours. Haven’t seen such an amount of physiological data extracted from a single mouse before…
*hmmm*, I feel I am finally waking up. Just when I thought about going to sleep.