Finland has broken through the

Finland has broken through the threshold for local media attention:
(From Japan Times)
Helsinki (AFP-Jiji) 17 Finns have drowned in the past week as they sought respite from the heat wave surging through the country, where drowning is the leading cause for accidental death, officials said on Monday.
FInns are generally poor swimmers, while warm weather also makes it more likely for heart attacks to occur, Reijo Vartia, from the Finnish swimming and safet association, told public broadcaster YLE.
Drowning is second only to car crashes as a cause of accidental death in Finland.
Don’t you guys drown there! It sounds like you’re roasting there, and people are just doing anything to cool off, jumping into lakes and putting their heads underwater… dangerous country, with so many lakes and all…
Another small piece of news today:
Finnish Justice minister Johannes Koskinen, who wants to make the buying of sex illegal in a bid to curb sex trade, admittes Monday taxing prostitutes who continue to ply their trade could be more effective. Finland’s parliament is currently considering whether to follow neighboring Sweden’s example and criminalize the buying of sex, while the act of selling would still be legal.”

Ryoji Noyori, winner of the 2001 Nobel Prize in chemistry, has been appointed president of the RIKEN.
Already 2 cells from one slice today. 2 more mice to go in this genotype lottery – kind of doubly blind experimental day: only 1 mouse in 4 is expected to be of the genotype we’re interested in. But, I have the feeling the first one was already a winning one:)
Half a liter of more green tea – and again, ‘Just Do It’ I tell myself.
-8:20 PM-
Two more cells done. Teabreak and wait for another batch of slices to be drawn from the lottery bowl.
-0.40 AM-
Only one cell from the last mouse, but taking into account the circumstances (and not-so-perfect slices), I am content. Also, managed to get the mouse tails for genotyping to Hiro – I caused lots of hilariosity in the lab when they found out I had preserved several cm of each tail, when only less than one cm would have been enough. Hiro kindly agreed to cut them down to size for me…
I am getting good enough in this that I started to think of more complicated experiments – I could start doing Purkinje-axon stimulations, for example…
But, now some sleep. Got to wake up at 8 tomorrow to be able to do 2 mice before 17.30, after which I wish to be going to another Nagato-sensei’s class…