I found out it’s perfectly

I found out it’s perfectly OK to eat the morning Kellogg’s with chopsticks.
Bad news – the article that’s been under writing for 8 months now, was rejected. This is bad – since my boss tells me he wants it to be in press before the dissertation. Crap. A year ago I was told it’s ok for it to be just a manuscript – then it had to be submitted, and now, in press…
I am not suprised it did not pass, since no-one else showed any attention or interest for the study or the manuscript after I wrote the first draft in *January*. …
Damn. I’ll have to find some hours between work and sleep to re-think and re-write. Damn. Damn.
It’s a wonder how 13 h of work (with one 45-min lunch-and-swim-break) makes one forget about such depressing matters. Mood is surprisingly good, and for a long time a tiny ‘good value and quality’-beer and a cold springroll haven’t tasted as good.
Today’s achievments included printing out a poster (I have to present it somewhere sometime for the official Summer Course or they won’t refund my flights or something), attending to the team seminar with 2 really interesting presentations, analyzing the two cells from the KO mouse (unfortunately, even one of the cells shows clear changes, the other is more difficult to interpret..), eating a bowl of raamen and later some kind of green pulla that emerged from the vending machine, and starting an experiment at 9PM despite lot of scepticism towards the usefulness of it. At 11.40 I finally got a cell and recorded it for more than half an hour, and I have the feeling I again got a winning ticket from the genepool lottery..
Then, a line or two from the news:
Suicides above 30,000 for fifth consecutive year
Around 60 percent of the people who took their own lives were aged 50 or older, while 7,940 killed themselves due to “economic or livelihood problems,” the highest number since the agency started compiling statistics in 1978.
The figures reflect the increase in the number of people who have lost their jobs amid corporate cutbacks, along with the growing number of individuals plagued by debt problems as the economic slump drags on.
Health problems was the most common reason.
Do not get depressed. Read the local columnist’s article on Japanese English.