Woke up at around 5AM

Woke up at around 5AM because of an earthquake. I was not scary or unpleasant in ay way – felt like someone was gently rocking the bed to make me go back to sleep… (I saw other things swaying as well so it was not just my head spinning. A resident practiser of Bujinkan told me a week ago, that he always keeps an eye on the hanging lights – if they start to swing, he’ll be ducking for cover).
This morning, the sky looks different. Or, for the first time, there is something to look at in the sky – usually the clouds are one indistinguishable and shapeless gray mass (even when the sun sometimes shines in between), but today they clearly have some boundaries and are of different shades of gray and blue. Maybe the rain season would indeed be soon over… Franck tells that thanks for the typhoon season, the clouds are extremely beautiful during the winter here. For the moment, looking at the clouds makes me see neurons and automatically judging whether or not they’re patchable… but that’s uderstandable, I guess.
Anyhow, nice weather woudn’t hurt today, since the plan is to go see several shrines and other stuff with Gautam, Junichi and Ako (who’ll be our local guide). I asked her to show me a shrine or temple and explain the different altars etc – hopefully we don’t spend the whole day in different temples….
The unavoidable newsflash:
Man on scooter stabs five men”
Exhausted. Not really by the temples or shrines or the walk – had frequent enough cappucino breaks – but by the 3 hours of continuous eating and drinking. Even thoug I have lots to talk about, got to leave that for tomorrow -an early wake up is waiting.
And, oh… the small earthquake injured 200 people and destroyed several houses. 5.6 on Richter’s scale – luckily, 200 km away from Tokyo.