Monday. For some reason I

For some reason I managed to sleep for 10 hours last night, feel resurrected, if aching from the training yesterday…
Today I have to ‘do’ the last 2 mice in the mutant litter – then I won’t have any extremely useful subjects for at least 10 days, which matches rather well with the Official Summer Course Programme that starts on Wednesday – I got an email that warns if I don’t attend to the parties the won’t refund my flights. Or, not exactly in these words, but that’s the message… darn… Also, during the lunchbreaks I am supposed to be attending to the poster session, so no more swimming – and today the pool is closed, another ‘darn’ here … I will soon be getting paranoid about getting overweight…
Spent a big part of the morning uploading my photos from the weekends adventures – describtions still missing, though … lots of pictures of Gautam – for his mother:)
And, since yesterday the net connection was even less functional than usually, Sunday’s entry comes here:

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