Ohayoo mina:) I have started

Ohayoo mina:)
I have started to dream in the nights. This, in addition to the fact that I am able to sleep 8 hours without a problem, most likely means that my head starts to clear up in this wonderland and the subconscious has time to start working out.. Last night, for instance, we were playing (LARPing…) Juhana’s Kulak in a small wooden cabin in the middle of forest in the wintertime… only that, after military choppers starting arriving, it became clear that it was not a game… Also, I met my father at Oomiya train station and started a very scientific discussion – unfortunately, the alarmclock intervened just when it got interesting….
Yesterday I finished my precious litter of 11 heterozygous mutant mice – 3 cells from 2 animals. Both of them seemed to be non-KO mice, though – but they might be used as controls. So, from today, I got no mutant mice – but while waiting for the others to grow into the right age, I got to master a slightly different method of recording. I am hoping I’ll be able to do that before half of the lab goes away on holidays… it seems it’ll be just me and Walther here for some time… But, anyhow, probably I’ll be able to do the swimming, at least.
Ja, shigoto ga.
ps. Did you know that many restaurants in Tokyo allow dogs to follow their owners into the eating area if the dog is wearing clothes?
Damn. Realised I’ve been analysing using wrong parameters. Stoopid Yoe – I’ve been wonderng why the curves don’t behave nicely… should have quantified the responses according to injected current and not membrane voltage. I won half a point from myself by realising that myself, though.
But, 2 days of analysing to be done again.
There are 2 girls from Finland going to be attending the 10 days of lectures starting tomorrow. Small world?
-Late evening-
I am again amzed by the healing power of a short walk outside – and you are spared from some rather bitter and frustrated accounting about how everything’s wrong. Instead, I am sitting happily back home, drinking something that looks like a cider but tastes like something else (and is called chuurii ?), watching a David Attenborough documentary about polar bears (dubbed in japanese) and not so worried about anything anymore.
The frustration was stemming from the lack of romantic feelings between some mice – the pairs that were supposed to produce the fancy & sexy mutant mouse litter have been having a vacation together for the whole July without any signs of attraction between the males and females. In addition to the sadness of such cold feelings, it is going to be difficult to perform any of the experiences needed for this project for several weeks – and even other types of experiments are badly hindered by a) the Official Summer Programme starting tomorrow and 2) the very restricted availability of the setup – it has for the last days been freed for my use after 7PM… To somewhat of a shock for me, I was asked if I could prolong my stay for some weeks. This, in spite the fact that I must go back home to work on the Bloody Thesis Thing… … or then they’ want me to come back and finish the stuff later. Don’t know, having unfinshed business on the other side of the planet isn’t just so appealing…
On the other hand, I have started to feel like I really could stay here. I mean, I miss Finland and you folks back home already – but it wouldn’t perhaps be so much different even if I stayed somewhere closer, like France… I am swaying in my moods about it. Sometimes I am just SOO tired with everything being so foreign – other times it feels strangely peaceful and safe here. Like constantly walking in a quiet garden, if that makes any sense to anyone. The strangeness of everything will probably fade away quite fast (I am not more dreaming about Pedro’s Blackened Steak at Santa Fe – not after I heard that if one wants Really Good Steak, one can order that’s made of animals that for their whole life eat only sweetest fresh hay, drink sake and get a massage once a day…. so, it should be possible to get good meat here even though good western food so far has been limited to pizzas and antipasto at Italian restaurants…) … can’t say yet. Probably should collect a list of pros and cons…. But still, perhaps I won’t have to decide yet…
Decisions, decisions.
And the 3% Chuurii is getting to my head.

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