I am starting to suspect

I am starting to suspect the ‘ending of Rain season’ did not mean ‘less rain’ but just some traditional view of seasons, with the dressing code changing slightly towards different kimonos or something. It again seems the whole Pacific Ocean is falling down on us.
The Kentucky Fried Chickens have a baseball problem. For some reason (that so far rather obscure to me, but has something to do with year 1985 when the Tigers last won the league or something), if the team called Hanshin Tigers wins a game or more seriously, the ‘Colonel Sanders’ statues in front of the KFC’s are likely to be hauled away and throwin into rivers by fans. The KFC headquarters has allowed the local franchises to bring the statues indoors for night.
An elderly man was inprisoned yesterday, for training his dog by letting it off the leash for attacking the passersby. “I thought I could settle grievances over injuries (caused by the dog) by paying money (to the victims),” Matsubara was quoted by prosecutors as telling investigators.
Well, enough of newsflashing. Got to go, attending to the Official Programme. A 3-hour lecture awaits. Maybe I’ll get a chance to read a few articles ….
The first lecturer was given 3 h of time. He overdid it by one hour – most of the audience was not aware of the limited opening hours of the canteen and just barely made to the raamen. I decided my stomach is more important than the lecturers accoun on how he, while workin on his Ph.D in the 60’s, was discussing with someone about something and that other guy called just the other month and said, “Listen – you were right” – and instead left with the other of the Finnish girl and got to show off with my impressive skills at the Ito Yokado grocery. But, since I got the excuse of escaping the session, I am determined to stay for the next few hours here at the office doing anything more useful – like, talking to the Professor; he’s leaving for several weeks and I should discuss about what I am supposed to accomplish during that time …
Something is seriously wrong with this place.
Again, I was experiencing some bouts of depression and frustration, but this time, just an hour of concentration on doing actual work – developing the biocytin-staining of 8 neurons in 7 slices – somehow wiped away it all.
The low moods attacked me during the ‘Official welcome party’ – not so much because of the numbing talks and manifold warnings of not partying loud at the apartements, but rather because of the fact that I was not going to. It occurred to me that a significant part of the 44 attendees (for the lecture course; of them, 17 are internship students like me) is going to be enjoying their time here by partying in Roppongi and closer – and I did not even find the spirit to mingle with the people at the Welcome party longer than it took to handle my hunger but rather went back to the lab even though I was clearly given ‘permission’ to do the stuff tomorrow. The other people have been actively arranging all kinds of events, parties, barbeques, brunches – as well as thinking about doing ‘fun’ things like designing a t-shirt fot the course. Meanwhile, I sneer and turn on my lasers.
This is not a 30’s crisis – I don’t mind my physical age, but … it just seems that even though I used to be the one to go rallying in bars with a foreign group like these (at EYPs in Strasbourg, Prague…) and stay up on dormitory roofs just to see a sunrise in a foreign city – that’s like, 10 years ago. And when was the last time I enjoyed partying till morning – or even much later than midnight? All I ever seem to be dreaming of is the next opportunity to sleep.
Discussed with Thomas about the need of prolonging my stay according to the sexual success of some fluorescent male mice – and, not suprisingly, he was not insisting or otherwise pressing – only letting me know that if I wished to use the option of staying slightly longer he would fund my stay, but equally well I could return later after the dissertation for a few months – or even, the project could be finished by someone else. Also, it was nice to hear that I am not expected to make any committing decisions about postdoccing or not at RIKEN BSI for the rest of the year.
So, instead of being frustrated, depressed and everything on those lines, I am going to sleep with not much worries about anything – even had the will and way to dye the rootline of my hair (it’s fortunate that I took the colour with me from Finland – I haven’t seen red hair dye ANYWHERE in ordinary stores…)