Ayako told me that no,

Ayako told me that no, I don’t have to attend to the lectures. Thank heavens. This morning’s 3h lecture was spent dozing off and makind plans for experiments – with intermitting thoughts about what I should or should not do about my life, only once waking up for a short while (by the cue of the lecturers Utterly Inaccurate and Misleading explanation of GABAergic inhibition’s role during early development – had to comment on that….)
The other SUmmer Program Participants spent last evening in a rather low-class bar in Wako, but had fun – I promise myself that I will try to join people on Friday or Saturday evening. On the other hand, on Friday evening I could have a slot at the setup after 6PM … and Sat night there’d be the Asakadai class – but perhaps I can skip that, just for once even though it is the cheapest training option (only around 3000 yen with traintickets included).
I inventoried my remaining budget and found I have 55000 yen left from the 130000 I had when arriving. Should start saving up – and stick to the cheaper food at the campus canteen instead of fancy latte+milano sandwiches … And find an ATM that would be happy to provide some cash for my VISA….

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