Several people have by now

Several people have by now realised, reading the blog, that I’m back.
Should I continue blogging? Who’d read it, as I still will restrain from talking about people and things by their real names, as well as issues that concern other people – no social bolognaise here. I feel I have tons of things to tell you (who?) about, and not only on Japan and how Finland smells both sweet and disgusting – but I don’t suppose I have the will to talk. Perhaps there’s just too much to tell. On the other hand, I am not a writer skilled enough to produce thought-provoking columns on the small and important things in the world – I’m in too much of a trouble with writing the one work I should. Even without names, I’d probably do enough of self-cencoring that it’d be highly unlikely I’d manage to write about anything that’d interest anybody.
It’s not raining here. Bright sunshine from sky much clearer I ever saw in Tokyo, with mushrooms filling the forests nice social evens filling the calendar.
Blues. Or, ‘Comatose’ by FLA.