A ‘conversation’ in Tintin Tango

A ‘conversation’ in Tintin Tango yesterday:
“Hey, you’re back! So, what’s Japan like?”
“Well, you know.”
Since I’ve reported so diligently about the journey in the blog, there’s not much more to tell. Or, well, there is, but divining what to tell (such that I had not already covered the subject) clearly is too difficult.
“People these days don’t talk any more.
When they meet at a cafeteria, they exchange the formal greetings:
‘I have read your blog.’
‘And I have yours.’
After this, they sit down, sip coffee and perhaps update the blog on the laptop.”
Maybe bloggers will spend more time at the cafés with non-bloggers, listening to the non-blogger exposing some fresh and unblogged ideas which can later be pondered upon, you know where. (Look who’s talking!)
But, I’m different. Of course I am. And since I am not going to write about anything interesting, and specifically will not tell what I am writing about, I can still perhaps converse in a cafe and meanwhile keep on blogging and being hip and cool and stealing someone’s time at the working desk.
That is, if I had the time. Decided yesterday that there will be no Love&Anarchy (that’s the Helsinki Film Festival) for me this year. Just too few days left for doing Everything. Moreover, I don’t know what hypersynchrony is.

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