Could someone please stop the

Could someone please stop the time for a while? It’s rushing past me just too fast. This week is already almost gone, and it seems I’ve spent most of it mailing invitations and cancelling social appointments. I know I was supposed to be ‘taking it easy’ these last weeks, but no way. The only times I seem to be sitting quietly are the moments when I ponder upon which task to perform next.
Yesterday, I read for the first time the thesis text with my mind doing the same. And, was horrified. Not only there is a spelling mistake on the cover, but not a single paragraph is without a mistake – a linguistic one or real one – and figures are mixed around (I have two figure 8’s but refer in the text to two different figure 7’s etc), but the language is poor and sometimes sentences are incomprehensible. Maybe it’s just that I can’t read or think anymore (not very unlikely but not a very nice option) but more likely, it was not a very good idea to start deleting those sentences from the text that the boss asked me to refine. No. The real problem is that I’ve not been able to read the stupid text for ages and become blind to it, as well as too tired to care enough so that I would have thought of giving it for proofreading for someone else.
My angst over this matter is, for some reason, less than expected. The book went to press already, can’t help it. Still, I threw away my last hope of getting some acknowledgement if not on the substance of the studies, then on the precice and careful writing and good layout. I’m half-seriously thinking about what chances I’d have to get the opponent drunk before the thing, and what kind of stockings to wear.
I should start preparing the lecture. On Tuesday, I had an almost-inspiring talk with my supervisors about the subject. And, even though the conclusion was ‘well make up a powerpoint for Monday and we’ll discuss it then, I got a tiny bit of an idea about the storyline. Problem is: it is still a very vague idea, even though good one – and I don’t have the time. I spent the last 2 days sitting in cafées (I think the waitresses at Wayne’s think I am a piece of furniture already) and read through all my (or, ‘my’) publications and the bloody thesis, which was good but did not help in receiving heavenly visions about the lecture. Then I proceeded to the gym and spent time (and calories, as a nice counterweight for the cafées) going through the renowned ‘Interneuronal Diversity’ series from the Trends in Neuroscience. Learned a lot (though most of it has already escaped my poor head), but alas, still no inspiration.
Proceeding for Hille’s ‘Ionic Channels of the Excitable Membranes’, an exellent book with a stupid ending.
Everything would be just fine, if there just was some more time. But there is not.

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