Well. It HAD been already

Well. It HAD been already a week since the last itkupotkuraivari. Hit me around 3pm, only barely managed to get home from downtown without punching anyone. Gulped down Unicum and ate chocolate in such a frenzy that naturally drove me down into self-hate. Result: lost 3 hours of very precious time on needless fuming, physically and mentally exhausted.
Only 9 acnowledgements form the lab folks regarding the ‘party’ – 2 negative ones. With the RSVP tomorrow, I suppose I’m going to get through that part cheap, or, the Second Serving (at 9PM) will have more pies and booze left. Still, slightly annoying being ignored – as I worried days and nights over getting the invitations done and distributed in time.
Beats me. See the bruises. Siberia will teach.

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