Birth of the Psychopath Chain

Birth of the Psychopath Chain Murderer?
And the sun rises. Again.
Yesterday, while eating crappy Sodexo food with single-use plates and utensils I wondered with some of my collagues, how amazing it is that even though the mind wants to hide underneath a table and scream, the body calmly keeps on walking, eating, talking… and taking care of things like confirmations of post-execution coffee and submission of the abstract to a database.
Almost like the mind would not be needed at all. I suppose this is how psychopath murderers operate.
Weekend was mostly Good – sauna, massage, cheeses at Suvi’s, and reindeer meat, forest mushrooms, wine and scientific discussions at my parent’s house. Unquestioned adoration from the Dog.
The books came from the press on Monday – I had ordered 34 of them, thinking that would bu just enough – right now it seems an amount about 3 times too big. Well, I’ll be able to give away a few more copies of them, then. (The main publishing channel is the Net: it is available at in the University EThesis-series.) Spent most of the Monday waiting for the Boss to have time to discuss with me – when the time finally came, I was myself so tired and in low moods that I had lost all inspiratio for the stuff again. But, got some kind of a skeleton of ideas for the stubid lecture – should have already started working on it but no. As a light distraction after gym, I decided it was a good point to start going through Hille’s Ionic Channels of Excitable membranes. After doing that for several hours I realised I don’t anymore remember why I am reading it and went to bed with Robin Hobb’s latest. Fell asleep around 10pm and slept uneasily dreaming of intruders raiding my home.
Should rise, and start working. I have an appointment with my friend for dyeing my hair in Järvenpää at 1pm, so not much time… But still no inspiration for the lecture.
Interestingly, I am rather highly ranked as webpages go for “japan+friday+flash+fun” in google. For some time, I received lots hits from people searching for Yö (supposedly the band) and those looking for train timetables in Tokyo.
Dido says I’m no angel. But some of my friends – yes, that’s you – are.

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