Please. No. No migraines, now.

Please. No. No migraines, now.
Having a proper red head feels good, anyhow. And talking several hours with Tiuku (Niina Alho, not the other Tiuku) while letting Goldwell Elumen (r) do its job was good, also. Was worth traveling to Järvenpää and back.
But no relevant work done. The lectio precursorae is still nothing more than a thought ’20 minutes. that’s, umm… max 8 slides, with the title and the ‘thanks for all the fish’-one’.
I better start finding the inspiration soon – I’m honestly running out of time. My boss called me and suggested I read some Douglas Adams.
And that, in spite of all the dreams I’ve seen about forgetting to invite the professors and the opponent to the Dinner, I’ve actually forgotten to do that.
Should start believing my dreams, I guess.