The hours pass, and the

The hours pass, and the lectio is still not ready. Most of graphics done, but the text is not – I am notorious in completly forgetting about how I was supposed to carry on the story if I don’t write it down at least once. I suppose I don’t have the time to sleep tonight before it’s ready…
Tried buying a handbag, and was told things that I did not want to – that a handbag that goes with a small black skirt is nothing I would consider a bag. I had secretly hoped there’d be something like a backpack that would have fit the picture, but alas, no. Why can’t I be a man? It’d be so easy. Just pull on the suit and that’s it. With pockets and shoes that actually cover your feet.
I went to pay a visit at an old friend’s homecoming-party – we’we known from something like 21 years. Seems that enough water has flown in the Vantaa river that when he presented me to other guests as his first girlfriend (we sorta dated 3 months in highschool) it did not feel anything but cute:) I had much better time than expected, even though – or maybe because? – none other of the ‘old folks’ were present. In stead, there were 6 or 7 persons working on their doctoral degrees and 3 of us, all neuroscientist, have the defences in the next 2 weeks. It was the first time I felt good in any way about the thing, even though it was clear that the others had much better grasp on their subjects while I kept talking about anything in neurosciences except the things I’ve been doing.
Another surprise – I chatted for over half an hour with a person working on his doctoral degree in finances. The discussion was hyper-interesting – I had never thought that anything related to financing and stock markets could even vaguely interest me! (The stocks values can be thought as an immense meter for millions and millions of individual stock dealers’ psychic state – on a minute time scale!) It seemed that both of us got new ideas on our own subjects as well as learned a lot about a completly alien field of study. Kewl.
The motivated mood I was in sank the moment I sat back in front of the computer screen.
Umm. I should most likely give some advice on how to get to Viikki Infocentrum, but the Reittiopas will still be the best bet.
The bus stops you should look for are ‘Viikki, Lahdenväylä’ (for busses 700-746 or something), ‘Viikin Biokeskus (Viikinkaari 8 or so)’ (for busses 57, 58 and 550) and ‘Latokartano (Pihlajamäentie)’ (for busses 70, 70T, 71V, 73B, 74, 75 and 77s)…
Back to work. No more ‘just do it’, rather ‘just endure it’.