Return of the Dream I

Return of the Dream
I was honestly speaking rather anxious about the movie – not that it’d be bad in any sense – but I was expecting to weep for the last hour or so, either for the sad things in the film or for the sorrow of knowing it is now Over, there won’t be any more of this.
But, instead, when the end titles started, I felt the same kind of contentment I remember after the first time I read the book: the story is finished, no sequels are needed. (And you can always go back to the details, in Unfinished Tales or Extended Edition Extras..) Held my breathe during the last battle on Mt. Doom. And the dream came back to me, one I’ve forgotten for ages – the dream, or longing, for a land as vast and open and beautiful and devoid of offices and cellular phones. A land where a trip to the nearest town would take one week – and crossing the wild lands by foot would not be called ‘recreation’ or ‘experience’.
I suppose the nearest I get to that feeling is, actually, while on a plane (not plain:) flying somewhere over 8 hours away – the feeling that the world actually is big and spacy – at least at 10 000 meters and up.
I’m probably the only person in the world who genuinely enjoys flights, and the longer – the better.
The Boss announced yesterday that 1) he has not time to finish this story before he leaves for South Africa and 2) the experiments I was striving to do on Friday, Monday, Tuesday AND Wednesday nights (the last one finally was success as I was granted the permission to use Tero’s set up, electrode and slices…) were not the ones he thought necessary, and promptly continued explaining what he expects me to do (another completly new kind of experimental configuration for pharmacological experiments, which are notorious in their lack of stability)…
I told already that I will quit working completly 30 days before I receive the working permit and leave. Hopefully he understands this does not mean I will postpone my escape according to the probable lack of success in the lab…
Needless to say, I am most devoid of any spirit for this. Trying to take it as a 9-to-5 job for getting some reimbursement for the loss of free time. (Even though I was promptly told that we are running very low on budget, with two grants ending at the same tiime… )