Very comfortably, I got an attack of fever yesterday evening, bad enough to think I was already on my deathbed – but no, I’m more or less in normal temperatures today with only a tremendous head-and-neck pain to remind me of it. And an angst of not getting things done in time – I’ve spent now already an hour altogether trying to fix my change of address – a clerc at the Post office has been calling me and the maistraatti this morning many times, apparently not sure whether I’m moving for a temporary stay or for good.
Today’s schedule: Meet Salla & Tiuku at 14-16, play Kulak 16-20, attend AWIF 20-24, clean the house, pack my things, write some e-mails, inform the janitor of me going away, get some documents to my mom and try not to panic.
The net connection will go very soon, so, this might be the last entry before Wako-shi.

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