Weather report

In response to the demands of the public: we had rather bad weather yesterday. The warm winds got suddenly much too strong to be pleasant anymore. Rain and howling winds tortured the not-so-tight sliding doors of the balcony for the night, but surprisingly they were still in one piece when morning dawned. In my opinion, the finnish system of having the cold outside but warm inside is more pleasant than sortof-warm outside and chilling inside – especially when the air conditioning/heating decides that it WILL now start cooling and there’s nothing to stop it (unless you can speak japanese). (I started again reading my book for learning the language – kore wa, sore wa, are wa, dore wa… )
I decided that we will do nothing during the weekend since several days during the week that we tried to accomplish things resulted only in sore feet – and, surprisingly, the plan seems to have worked. Still far from having everything in order, at least I know where to find soy sauce in the local Ito Yokado supermarket.
BTW, Pinseri seems to have updated the link to this page. 🙂