Laying this out

I spent some time last evening and night reading documentation for MT, and finally I suppose I start to grasp something about it. Or, maybe more precicely, the concepts of variables, classes, attributes, modules, functions etc – the basic blocks of making the computer do what one wants without using click-next-wizards – once again organize themselves as they ought to do in my head. I tend to forget that I used to work as a ‘programmer’ and even ‘software engineer’, even though the years spent struggling with physical laboratory equipment and too little time to even think about writing scripts to analyze my data seem to have quite efficiently wiped out all capabilities for such work.
Anyhow, now I find it again interesting and maybe somthing I might be good at. Of course, I’d laugh myself dead if I was to call MT style formatting ‘programming’ – but still it might be a start. For now, there’s not much new on these pages yet – but I’m playing around. You might look at the page foo.html to see what I am trying to do at present… for now, it seems that the combination of columnized text and occasional photos does not work well.
Other accomplishemts include unsubscribing from various mailing lists related to the Biosciences department (sorry, Faculty) at the University of Helsinki, cleaning up my bookmarks from links to the Helsinki public transport timetables and Unicafe menus, as well as finally deciding on paying the Helsingin Sanomat its consolidation money and subscribing to the web-edition – just in time to read in the Opinions my former Boss’s rant (“Biologia ei ole mikään pehmotiede!” as the title) about students who choose biology because it is ‘soft’ and so he has to deal with people who do not know what an integral is. So, did not get very far from all that yet.. 🙂