Tokamaks and stuff

A rather demure but still devoted procession crowded a narrow street in Wako-shi, with banners and slogans (“NO!” and some words like ‘Bush’, ‘Ameerika’ and ‘Irakku’ discernible ), candles in medieval-looking lamps mixed with fluorescent flashlights. Priminister Koizumi basks in Kofi Annan’s praise for Japan’s actions in Iraq. It seems Japan is in a difficult position – on the other hand, Japan feels the need to support USA, on the other hand – well, the pacifist constitution. War in Iraq has influenced an other path which Japan seeks to follow: the fusion plant project. As this week’s Nature reports, the political winter between USA and France took America’s backing from France as the main site for next step and gave it to Spain – And, where the quarrelsome but superior in technical know-how France, Europe and the States stall, Japan with its political and economical unity might well get it done. And, as Nature states – this nation, practically devoid of domestic energy sources also needs fusion more than the others.
50 years from the Bikini atoll. The Aum Shrinko leader will be prosecuted tomorrow – One Truth Under the Pine Tree says it’ll be definetly death sentence. They hang people here.
The Tokyo District Court rejects a lawsuit filed by a 40-year-old Iranian seeking recognition as a refugee on the grounds he would be punished due to his homosexuality under Iran’s Islamic penal law. A possible case of bird flu is detected in the village of Achi, Nagano Prefecture – no wonder the amount of chicken food in the local canteens has been increasing as the price for bird meat falls…