Live furry things and cute mafia girls

Shuan Shuan, a 16-year-old female panda from Mexico City, is artificially inseminated at Tokyo Ueno Zoo this week. Shuan Shuan was brought over on a breeding mission to mate with Ling Ling, who apparently wasn’t interested, prompting breeders to resort to artificial insemination. I’m not a bit
surprised; last time I went to see Ling Ling last year he did not seem to be interested in anything that would include physical efforts. Jukka sent me a webcamlink to a more lively panda – well, in my opinion the San Diego panda has much more interesting surrounds than the Ling Ling’s concrete room with yellowish light. Talking about lively webcams – for those of you bored with Elviira’s habit of sleeping all the time when inside her home, check out: ‘Elviira Varuillaan’ and ‘Elviira puolustaa’ – true high-tension action! Go Elviira! Keep those intruders out!
… btw, I’ve noticed that the time zone difference between Tokyo and Malmi (where Pönttökamera’s Elviira lives) is just perfect for me to see Elviira go to sleep – I do it usually just slightly later than she does:)
The Japan Today went out and asked people the question:
How would you feel if a foreigner moved in next door?
… and the answer by a 18-year-old boy was:
“Well, I wouldn’t like to see any mafia members living next door, but if it
was a pretty girl, no problem. If she were nice enough to teach me English,
I would give her exclusive treatment as well.”
These things said – the news are filled up to the brim with Ashara’s sentence. The guy himself does not seem to understand anything going on aroundand is not even talking to his defence team. One of his defence team’s tactics was to state that Asaha’s followers who in the end committed the crimes were taking part in a special training for enlightement (or something) and the training included accomplishing impossible tasks. Therefore, if they succeeded in some of those impossible tasks, the leader could not be held responsible.
Somehow this did not convince the judge.