Where have all the flowers

Where have all the flowers gone?
Well, not exactly all, but most of them are. Together with several pieces of furniture, a cubic meter (not an exaggeration!) of my clothers, 2 coffee machines, wok, many jars of coffee, tea, and home-made marmelade, all my towels that were not in use, some curtains and bagloads of kitchen smallware. The Bujinkan Shinden dojo Rescue Squad carried half of it on bus.
It is surprising how it feels good to see someone – a 16-year old ninja girl, for instance – jumping around in joy with all my dear clothes 🙂 🙂 Even though I felt slightly old, when realised that some of them really do fit a teenager better than me…

Shoot to thrill Jarkko proposed

Shoot to thrill
Jarkko proposed an hour of shooting at the HSC, ‘since it’ll be 3 years till you next time see a gun’, and I finally got to shoot with something else than the beginners’ Ruger – the Beretta (.22, no way to remember the model) seemed to fit into my hands much better and, during the hour, I think I got several mistakes erased. Tried also a revolver and a Glock (9mm) with a laser pointer – got surprisingly good hits into the black of the target even though the backfire almost threw the gun from my hands. Kewl. Even though I’m still slightly scared at the shooting track, and my hands tend to shake… and every time some bastard happens to fire the Desert Eagle I want to hide under the table… But, fun 🙂
My sister got engaged – finally! – on Monday. Along all other matters this brings, the question of our apartment’s fate came up: it seems they’ll be buying a house in Poland quite soon, and, naturally, sis would need the money from her half of the lot. Which would mean, I’d have some 55k euros on my hands that I would not be able to spend reasonably… so, after a moment of thinking, I bravely went to my bank and goe almost-official promise of a loan for buying the other half of this apartment. I’m not yet sure this is going to be a good decision, but I could well think of many worse…
Like, the decision yesterday to buy a phone. I happened to enter a shop where I was smoothy made to buy Nokia’s 7600, you know, the thing that looks like a pita bread or something but definetly not a phone – since it is supposed to work in Japan, as well. I blame Jarkko for all this.
Things taken care of:
– Workig visa (28 eur, 3 years, single entry – that means, in principle, after I’ve entered Japan I may not go out or else they won’t let me back in! Fortunately, I’m told I can purchase multiple re-entry permissions from the japanese foreign affairs ministry or something…)
– International Driving Licence (48 eur, 1 year, according to the agreement of 1946!)
– International Student Identity Card (10 eur, 1 year)
– and, some bank loan for paying for all things mentioned in this entry…
– Flight tickets are in mail, due tomorrow – it took some time since our friend Juan the Travel Agent thought that it is enough to put only the first name and country of the recepient on the package…
Last trainings at our home dojo, with much-needed emphasis on Proper Sword Use. Swng back, swing forth, don’t hold too tight, don’t lose the track, don’t think, just swing. I suck badly at even that.

Tom Cruise kicks ass I

Tom Cruise kicks ass
I must say, I’m impressed. Even though the hands – kore wa sport kendo desu and sharp objects were flyíng unnecessarily around – I’ve never seen as beautifully and – delicately! – performed brutal swordplay and massacre. Not a single chewing gum smile, no even implied close contacts under sheets, and lots of gracious horses:) Not too much of detailed gore shots.
Brought to my mind the very first battles in the WWII, where Poland put forth its marvellous cavalry – the best in the world at that time – husarzy and cossacks, – against tanks. I’ve been told that that’s where my great grandfather died. (With the lack of any precice war-related knowledge of any of my Polish relatives, this could be as well a legend, though…)
Anyhow. Go see the movie.

“This sentence contains exactly threee

“This sentence contains exactly threee erors.”
Finished the Spring Snow – and at the end of the first part of the tetralogy, I still don’t see any reason for the author’s suicide. As I got my hands on my copy of ‘Metamagical themas’ by D.R.Hofstadter that had been away for many years, I plunged for two evenings into the soup of self-referential sentences, Chopin’s music and the chatting of the Tortoise and Achilles. In my opinion, everyone should read that book (together with many other Hofstadterian masterpieces). For those that are interested, I am entrusting my copies to Topi for the time being…
A message in my mailbox had a slightly doubtful appearance:
477 r T Jan 30 Juan ( 148) YOUR TRIP TO JAPAN
And I nearly deleted it as spam, but, just to see how some juan or another was claiming to know that I might be a god choice for spamming about Japan, I read it.