Midsummer showers

DVC00009.JPGFinally, the typhoon – or what tropical storm was left of it – reached us and gave the first tastings of True Summer: hot and wet outside (umbrellas useless in the wind that blows puddles off ground and you get soaking wet in a second) and freezing inside. I spent a nice 60 minutes shivering in a class room, listening to the BSI Security Officer explaining the law related to working with genetically modified animals. During the hour of feeling like catching a rheumatism with the eakon blowing into my neck, I learned that if I’d have a mutant human it would be outside the legislation – and, thus, I should not try to contain that specimen in any safety-level containment rooms. Not even if the mutation was a toxic or lethal one.
Slowly, very slowly my science gears are starting up. 2-hour meeting with the LH and W., with quite inspiring discussions about the future of science (raw data sharing – is it ever going to be real?) and what are we actually doing when modelling neurons (but hey, all science is modelling, trying to find out the rules… ne?) and rather heavy plans for mouse breedings. I’m going to rely strongly on One Truth’s help in managing all my 8 mouse litters to be used before September… Qi’s paper got through, Franck’s still in the pipeline. The LH is in a moderately good moods, which makes life easier. My former lab called me (on phone!) to ask me if I happened to know of the whereabouts of a certain pipette in their lab. I got an article in front of me of which I understand only most of the title; very deeply regretting that I always skipped all the data mining courses at the university when I had the chance to study… fortunately, there are savant friends around – Janka directed me towards some introductory works so by the end of this week I might actually know what Pearson coefficient means… But for the first time in several weeks I happily spent almost 12 hours at the office and only reluctantly left (for the kitchen designing chores…)
I realised that when I dreamed of an earthquake last week, there was one. To keep better track of how the islands crumble beneath me, I added the Very Useful Link to Recent Earthquakes Near Tokyo Map, and, while at it, the Latest Hurricane Trajectories of NW Pacific. See for yourself how pitiful it became before hitting the Kanto plains.