Random thoughts

jun27silta.jpg 4 months in Japan, and I know on which side to stand in the escalator, know from which direction the cars attack, and from which side to read a magazine. But why have I not learned on which side to pass when meeting a person in a corridor? In Europe I suppose the default was to pass on the right side, here I am continuously bumping into other people… (good that I am not driving)
Reading Helsingin Sanomat, the daily newspaper from Helsinki – the actual paper version from last Sunday, which I got as a B-day present from J&M together with a few Suomen Kuvalehti … blissfull in the mornings. Third morning and I still am in the A-section. Endless hours of fun. Anyhow, I read about a corpse found in a plastic bag near a place to wash carpets – and felt very bizarrely relieved: not only in Japan… (though I doubt the culprit would have been a teenage girl) .. Meanwhile here, a man slashed his boss who had fired him.
Had a dream last night, of flying to the moon. I’ve always, since a kid, wished to be able on one day see the moon… but, last night, after seeing it, I just was left with even more regret. What more is there to see, to dream about? I woke up and felt I could not dream anymore.