kakku.jpg Nichiyoobi wa, watashi no tanyoobi deshita. Watashi wa san-ju-sai deshita, totemo furui…. Doyoobi ni takusan arukooru ni nomimashita to tsukaremasu deshita kara, gogo san-ji ni okimashita; finurandoo no pan to furansu no chiizu tabemashita. Purezento o moraimashita: sugoi ookii didzitaru kamera to finurandoo no shimbun. Sorekara, Shinjuku e ikimashita to tomodachi ni aimashita: Furankku-san, Sara-san to Aadzan-san. Aadzan-san wa, watashi no labo no atarashii natsu-kagakusha desu. Furankku-san to Sara-san mo watashi ni purezento o agemashita. Issho ni tabetaideshita kara gootikuu resutoran e ikimashita. Ryoori wa suki deshita, resutoran wa tanoshikatta desu. Iitenki deshita, ame de wa arimasendeshita.
Need more practise. It might be that indeed adults won’t learn new languages just by letting the language diffuse in through the ears, that I actually should try to find some time to do homework… But, the above paragraph with no help of anyone or anything. It probably shows:)
What’s this thing about 30-years-crisis? I remember quite well, one and a half a year ago I was more or less happy about my life and what I had achieved – had a boyfriend, apartment to live in, family, a rewarding and interesting job and an academic degree. Now I have even more – another degree, a house loan from bank and an apartment of my own, an interesting job AND a salary – but suddenly I just feel nothing is well and what’s the point of anything. Why? I blame all the talk about 30-crisis. Subconsciously I just bought all that crap, and now wonder if anyone can thing anything about me since I’m in my fourth decade and haven’t made any children? Har har. I laugh at myself but seemingly can’t escape the blues.
The least I can do: I will work against the public notion of 30-crisis, and save many years of needless worry from those coming after me, by making a big fuss and tragedy of my 35th birthday, so you can all just skip the 30 one.
(Speaking of which… 35??? Taihen. Taihen.)

2 thoughts on “Tanyoobi

  1. Go 😉 for it!
    Actually, the biggest problem for learning nihongo at the moment is the complete lack of time to study…
    Basically the language seems easier to learn than, say, french or russian for one with finnish as the native tongue. Or, at least it is easier for Finns than for speakers of other European languages… so, for once something where speaking an uncomprehensible language can be a bonus:)

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