IMG_0707.jpgStarving, waiting for folks to finish what ever gory tasks they are at, to go for the lunch. Somehow, the mere idea of going all by myself is disturbing; so well I have been trained to eat in a group whenever I hear the pan-japanese lunch time bell.
I suspect there is a change in the climate coming; again, temperature several degrees below 30 and a weird haze.
One month to the trip to Poland; Before that, accomplishments required, including an abstract to be sent to Shanghai.
Just dragging onwards.
What a useless entry.
— later
For a while, I thought I might be inspired by something – coding. I even wrote the first ‘hello world’ application in something called OriginC; and, upon seeing the worst, ugliest, most un-efficient piece of code (for extracting a substring out of a longer string), I harboured even some positive thoughts about myself (“at least I have some knowledge on the general theory of programming”)… until, I was trying to guess what would be the correct way to return a value from a function (using a C/VB mixture language used for commanding a microscope). And could not. The boss got it.
Useless me. Feel like an idiot. And, I’m hungry again, but should not eat – my sister’s wedding is getting nearer, and if I have any wishes of actually wearing the dress I’m supposed to, I better lose a few kilos…

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