Heavy duty shopping with ugly feet

This weekend has been more or less completly allocated for shopping. Serious shopping. Almost terrifying shopping – I need several items related to my sister’s wedding drawing near: shoes, handbag, something to cover my shoulders in the church, not to mention the wedding gift… Most fortunately, I found that indeed I still do fit in the dress that was bought for the purpose several months ago, so that did not need to be changed. Anyhow, a mighty task. One that I am particularly poor at.
Nevertheless, I guess the first day was at least moderatly successful. At least if success is measured with the amount of money spent – I refuse to sum it up alltogether… But, I found that I really have no need to go to Shibuya’s fashion shrines for shopping – the complex of Tobu, Seibu and Parco – each of which takes turns in being the ‘biggest department store on this planet’ in Ikebukuro
actually are quite sufficient to kill one’s feet while browsing only the shoes and handbags sections.
Shoes. Shoes. Shoes. Usually I hate shoes, unless talking about things that actually are useful, like hiking shoes. But, having browsed through several soccerfield-sized areas filled with all kinds of high-heeled and other useless things for women to put their feet in, I find that actually quite many are pretty, nice, actually – desirable. But, very quickly I learned not to even touch any that looked pretty – my feet are just too big to fit in them, if not in length but at least in width, and really way too ugly and worn to be used in combination with any of those … creations. Luckily, I found a section selling ‘health shoes’, where a pretty and helpful girl brought me their selection of shoes that would fit the paddles at the end of my legs. Bought a pair of shoes that do not look TERRIBLY birkenstokish, leaning on the belief that the dress is anyhow so long that nobody will see what kind of shoes I’m wearing…
Crushing defeat – even though I might be able to starve myself down to the local standard sizes, it will not make my feet any smaller.. even though, I remember someone of the ballet girls of a certain irc-channel mentioning that after several years of pointe and barre and whatnot, feet seem to be a bit smaller…
But, to ease the pain – some more shopping. I caught up with myself walking up into a store, and contemplating a shirt that was cool and red and very similar to things I used to buy at the Kaisaniemi Fiorella outlet store for 5 euros – only that this shirt had a price tag with 5 digits and the store had a tag with the letters ‘v’, ‘e’, ‘r’, ‘s’, ‘a’, ‘s’, ‘c’, ‘e’ … But, I finally seem to have realised that the high-brand designer names don’t just mean high prices but something called ‘design’. Meaning that the clothes actually look good. Found a shop selling hand-made clothes, all decorated with dragon motifs and east-european style flowers. Restrained myself. But found some things that actually can be worn in normal life.
Did not yet find the hand bag. Probably I just did not find the correct floor, and did not dare to walk into Louis Vuitton (yet, I guess). Tomorrow, fresh feet, and Takeshimaya Times Square.