Heavy duty shopping, part II

Today was another successful day – if success is measured by the soreness of feet. Still, managed to find a handbag that should go OK with the rest of the gear (I’m a lousy stylist, but I think I did not do any blunders here) – when after 3 department stores I found the ‘Wedding guest debut’-section, catering to the needs of wedding guests. But, did not find other things on my agenda, even though I traveled wide and far and even skipped my monthly pilgrimage to the Kinokuniya bookstore. Next weekend, then…
An unreal moment: at the Metropolitan Plaza shoes/bags area, in the middle of chaos and rush, a single drop of calm: a young buddhist nun walking through it all with the tiniest smile playing in her eyes. Transfixed, I had to follow to see if there was a special section catering to the needs of the men and women of cloth – suddenly, she walks up faster, and throws a happy greeting to her friend – another nun – between the stockings and the hello kitty fans. After embracing, they turn and walk away, leaving me in the eye of the material whirl.
I wondered for a long time, could I have gone up to them and asked if I could join the – well, whatever they were part of.

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