aug23.jpg I guess the first hints are in the air that even here, the summer – or at least the heat – does not go on indefinetly. This morning the weather was utterly chilly (+22 degrees) and I realised that quite a few leaves have fallen from the cherry trees.
I had the most valiant plan to wake up early and go to the gym before my weekly cerebellum-team-meet. Failed miserably to rise up at the designated time, and actually, have not a smallest inspiration of doing anything that would require moving from my office desk. Tired, tired, tired. Which is bad, since I skipped most of the training sessions last week as well – something’s wrong with my head, I just don’t want to train.
I feel it’s going to be a Monday. Wish it was over already. Could not sleep half of the night, turning things over and over in my head…

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