Häntä pystyyn Suomi!

To be too tired to blog, that’s one thing. Now I’m becoming too tired to read blogs. Or news. Viivi&Wagner is quite at the limits. Had the plan to write about a far-fetched analogy between Japanese and Finnish sportmanship and the Olympic games – well, I’ll just sum it up: the ‘poor’ harvest of medals for Japan has been suggested to be the result of this nation being too honest and rule-abiding to even consider doping; the main theme of all training is ‘no pain, no gain’ which somewhat reminds me of a Finnish theme of ‘perrrkele!’. So, even though Kimikayo (japanese national anthem) would not be heard as many times as the soul-lifting Ohsaycanyousee (I must confess, not even sure if that is the US anthem… not to mention it’s name…) – any time it IS heard, the nation can be proud and believe that the victory was well earned. Thus, maybe the Finns have also – after several tragedies on skis – decided to revert to a less scientific method of training?
(For some reason, though, the Rising Sun has collected already 13 gold, 5 silver and 5 bronze… Finland? One. Skeet shooting. But, I would find it hard to imagine what kind of illegal steroids would make one a better shooter… )
Still, working. I need fluorescent mice, and each mouse I take has a 25% probability to be completely dim. The +/+ fluorescent ones die before birth, so I should have 2/3 of the surviving ones bright. I’ve been rather unlucky, so far… Doping my performances up with the new Boss Demitasse Latte can coffee.
Change in plans. No experiment, instead, read the most informative book titled “The Complete Idiot’s Guide to Statistics” and remind myself what is the probability that three mice in a row are GFP-/-. And, how probable it is that tomorrow will be similarly unlucky day – might call in sick and not bother to waste the gas.

One thought on “Häntä pystyyn Suomi!

  1. The Astros have been in even worse shape, using three starters with less than two years of major-league experience. Signing Clemens to go with right-hander Roy Oswalt and left-hander Andy Pettitte again gives them a legitimate Big Three once again. If Clemens, after several minor-league tuneups, proves anywhere near as good as he was last season, he will give the team precisely the lift it needs.

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