Dropping down

cicada.jpg The cicadas are falling down from trees like over-ripe fruits. Not a nice surprice to be hit by one that still is most definetly alive, kicking and making that terrifying noise, but for some reason has lost the spirit to stay up on the tree. There are many smaller mobile phones than those monsters of summer nights.
Dead tired. Fell asleep for a moment at the lunch table. I guess watching van Helsing last night starting at midnight was not a wise choice, after all. Especially as it was just another piece of crap. Even though could amuse myself somewhat by thinking who of the Helsinki Camarilla players each of the main characters of the film was. But the horses were not given enough time.
I actually *wish* that the mice today were dim. Or that I could do something like the cicadas, could just drop down on the floor and call it a quits.

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