Turn left

sep1.jpgSeptember dawns with an easy +30 degrees and a nice steady breeze – good. Sunday was close to becoming a disaster as my whole concepts of how to dress up were shattered by temperatures slightlty BELOW 20 and a steady even though light rain – actually almost decided to skip the training at Hombu. But, no more of that, again the weather permits me to wear capri trousers and sleeveless shirts, and no need to go shopping.
Happy thought for the day: At high school, when a lesson was drawing near it’s end, people would usually start packing their books, pens, notes, etc away, which created a particular sound-space – and, many teachers took this as a cue to check the time, and if not many minutes were left, often dismissed the class.
There was this group of boys who realised this, and started to produce the end-class sound-space (by opening and closing the schoolbag zippers, rather noisily closing books, pen cases…) earlier and earlier, and of course the rest of the class – as conditioned to the sounds as the teachers – joined in. It was not unusual for the teacher to be also fooled and absent-mindedly dismissing the class ahead of time.
I can very clearly see the grinning, victorious faces of those guys. Wonder what has become of them – have they kept their happy attitudes towards life? I hope so.
(I decided to write only about positive things from now on. Too much of whining and I don’t want anyone to think I would be *seriously* freaking out here 😉 It’s just so much easier to RANT than to write anything intelligent or interesting..)

2 thoughts on “Turn left

  1. Duh?! I thought that if you wish to leave a class at the university, you can do so. At least that’s what I did, without trying to manipulate the lecturers… But maybe I was wrong. No wonder I never was a top student.
    Also, the thought of grown-up men making noises with their university-bags and pen cases does not make me smile that much, more like grimace …

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