Day after Typhoon

nn20041022a1b.jpg–Typhoon Tokage left at least 67 people dead, 21 missing and 351 injured as it cleared Japan on Thursday morning, and the government said the damage was the worst from a typhoon in 25 years. — (Kyodo News)
Saw footage of trucks blown over, trains derailed, houses crushed by waves. I’m getting all the time more convinced that a seaside house is NOT what you want to have on this island; this town had build a 3-meter concrete wall between the sea and the houses to protect them from the elemets. Little did it help as the waves rose to 17 meters. Seventeen.
As usual, most of the havoc evaded Tokyo; on the evening of the typhoon it seems we received 700 mm of rain but that’s it.
In other news:
TOKYO — Visiting Finnish social affairs minister Sinikka Monkare advised Thursday that in addition to creating a public system of child and elderly care, Japan should encourage fathers to take more responsibility in family affairs to improve female participation in the labor force.
“The main thing is the reconciliation of work and family life…we say the Nordic welfare system is the best friend of women,” she said. It is also important to encourage men to take more responsibility in taking care of the family, such as taking paternal leave, she said. (Kyodo News)
… and suddenly, for some reason, the amount of suicides in Finland is on the wall…
… update: the discussion about the qualities of Finnish men and women heats up in Japan Today…

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