Damn communication

We have this thing called long weekend. Monday is a special free day for us RIKEN workers – RIKEN founding day – and to make sure we all take the free days off, the’ve shut down the elecricity at the campus for the whole three days. Fortunately we still have electricity at aprtment buildings, but naturally no internet connection. Utterly frustrated, I went and bought an USB cable that should work between my mobile phone and the laptop – and surprisinglym it does work! Probably at a tremendous price. But what would one not do for securing communications…
-slightly later
Three earthquakes shook us in less than half an hour, and resulted in sudden re-emergence of functioning ADSL. Cool.
– still slightly later
I’ve lost count of the shakes, Worst effect: all of our 10 TV channels have turned into emergency channels that show nothing except for various charts and video footage from various places that were shaking. Despite crevices opening in the ground, nobody seems to have been injured. When a new quake occurred, the information was on TV before it as felt around here. Fortunately the net connection has stayed up, though:)
– after checking translated news
Sorry. 2 People killed, some hundred injured, houses destroyed. Most surprisingly, when a shinkansen bullet train was derailed in full speed, NOBODY was injured. Latest count says eight consecutive quakes. Fortunately the atomic plant in the area seems to be intact.
I’d really like to find out if the houses that did not take the shake were ‘old’ (pre-Kobe-era) or ‘new’ (such as the one I’m living in is supposed to be)…

2 thoughts on “Damn communication

  1. It’s good to hear from you. My mom called to chatter about random stuff like chemistry alumni parties. She was hyping about beeing in a nanotech research demonstration in univ of Jyväskylä and through associations to “nano => sience-that-us-mortals-can’t-understand => neuro stuff” she came to ask have I heard from you since the quakes. Funny how them assosiations work. I always think of you when I pass by the moose in front of the Natural Museum ‘cos I haven’t been there since ages and never got around to ask you to go there with me as a sort of native guide.
    When I got money and you got time, we have to do the Kyoto geisha district trip. Just got a mental image of us hiding in the bushes with cameras and binoculars like birdwatchers. 🙂

  2. I found that at least MTV3.fi was informing that ‘Strong earthquakes shook the vincinities of Tokyo’, and thus no wonder that many people got worried:) Yes, we’re all OK, and thank you for being concerned:)
    As for the Natural Museum, I recently visited the Tokyo National Science musem that basically is doing the same thing as the Helsinki University one – and was severely disappointed. Actually, nowhere I have seen such a great display of nature at a museum than in Helsinki…
    Unfortunately, I think I did not see one single bush around Pontocho or Gion, but we can substitute the bird-watcher-scene with a creepy ninja-scene 😀

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