Overexposure +1.5 stops

DVC00007.jpgToo much light, everything seems overexposed, trying to close the curtains tighter to hide from the cold morning rays. Shockingly cold in the mornings, and in the office I need the wristwarmers; air is so dry that keeping the water kettle on and opened for extended periods seems like a good idea. The possibility of heating up the tatami with a hairdryer has been brought up. Perhaps not such a bad idea, after all.
Still, for inexplicable reasons, I like it here. Maybe it is the tiny pink flowers on trees, flower arrangements near the cafeteria, or “The Snuff Rolls” playing rock on the Metropolis plaza wearing mittens and wool caps. Most of the first free day (there are now 3 of them in a row, to honor all the 20-year-old people) was spent arranging for a mobile phone for our new neighbour and friend, and it was pleasant to realise that after having gone through that procedure for don’t know how many times, it finally went through smoothly (even though in the first place the salesgirl refused to make a contract using a temporary alien registration instead of the real thing, even though I told her (in not-so-perfect japanese) that it has been ok several times before… but then at the next store there was no problem) so maybe after all, I am learning something.
Something new: I’ve played a game, for the first time since don’t know when. I had read that Prince of Persia 2 was considered a difficult game, and indeed it is troublesome when my fine motorical skills are still at the level of ‘now where that button marked with an X was’ and the character on screen is trying to perform a triple flip with a kick and a backslash (read: haven’t advanced much so far, barely out from the tutorial). But the reason I chose the game – ‘amazingly beautiful’ makes it entertaining. I seriously did not know games had developed that much!
As a likely second indication of a need for escapism, I’ve again started thinking about playing some net game, EVE or similar – but the lousy condition of net connection from home will probably make playing at least tedious if not impossible. Anyhow, my brain feels tired – too tired to read even anything – and I’m haboring hopes that playing something would somehow help…

2 thoughts on “Overexposure +1.5 stops

  1. Actually, it is my understanding that the MMORPG-type games do not put very great requirements on the net connection. Most of the heavy stuff is in your client; the server just sends little bits of information to the client so that it knows what to show you.
    Not that I’d actually understand much of the technique.
    It would be nice to see you on EVE. Build peace and freedom; join Gradient! 😉

  2. Downloading the client already. Estimated time: something like 3 hours… But the main problem is not the speed of the connection but it’s erratic behavior; you can never be sure if there will be connectivity during the next five minutes or not. Especially annoying during the weekends and evenings, since if the connection dies outside office hours there’s nobody to fix it until next working day…

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