Too much of free time?

eve.jpgGoing to give EVE a try. So far, haven’t gotten past the character creation – stuck on the ‘Enter the name you desire’.
Might be that whereas Prince of Persia is too much for my 3D-skills and motorics using the game pad, EVE might go hard on my intelligence 🙂
— next day
I guess so. After completing 3 tutorial missions, I don’t remember anymore where I came from – in the sense, what would be the solar system where my agent is sitting and waiting for me to take on some missions. Can’t find it on the map; remember only that it was something that sounded Norwegian and had a ‘G’ as the first character.
Oh well.

4 thoughts on “Too much of free time?

  1. Welcome to EVE 🙂
    You can find your agents by going to the “People and Places” console, and then looking at the “Agents” tab. Your tutorial agent should be listed there.
    The learning curve of EVE is pretty steep, but it’s a great game. Join Gradient, we’re out or… whatever it is this week :).

  2. Out of luck, friends and several precious minerals ;-).
    And yes, since MMOGs “need” to be able to entertain people many hours per day for years, they tend to have (and need?) to have _a lot_ of this and that. It definitely takes some time to figure even the basics out, however intelligent you were.

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