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” Traffic deaths [in Japan] in 2004 fell to a 48-year low; no one can think why, except that the roads may now be too crowded to permit accidents. Another possibility: the fine for drunken driving is now a minimum of ¥300,000 yen, with the bar that served the drinks liable to a similar fine. ”
What if you were bought the bottle all by your own and were drinking it alone? Double fine?
Browsing the recent articles at Elsevier’s ScienceDirect, found an article which proposes an all-female crew on the would-be spaceship mission to Mars. Several strong physiological reasons are given why women will cope better with the long journey in space; “The only apparent disadvantage of an exclusively women crew for a Mars mission, may be the advisability of their avoiding space walks during menstruation, because of the greater risk at that time of decompression sickness. The optimal time would be during the follicular stage.” So, remember this when scheduling the outings.
Social Science Journal published a report on students’ purchase strategies regarding condoms – important study, since even though condoms are available widely (in some parts of the world, at least), unwelcome pregnancies and STD are still around; it would thus be helpful to know why kids still don’t seem to have them on hand when needed.
“Undergraduates’ reports of a required condom purchase suggested purchase conditions that factor into condom use reluctance. Committed purchasers develop strategies that help complete the transaction. Males and females rely on similar purchase strategies. Female purchasers express more concern about the purchase and overall require more strategies, such as “hiding” the condoms among other items and bringing along supporters for the purchase.”
Personality and Individual Differences will soon publish an article that shows that gay men gamble less than heterosexual men, whereas homosexual women gamble more than their heterosexual sisters. At least between years 1938 to 1963, from which period the data are collected.
So there. Hadn’t anything more important to say. Except that they’re selling here chocolates that contain GABA, an ‘inhibitory’ neurotransmitter, that is supposed to act like an anti-axiety substance. “mentaru baransu chokoreeto”, “for people who are fighting against stress at work”. I consciously keep it out of my mind that it surely won’t cross the blood-brain-barrier on it’s own, even if it did survive the digestive system. Every pretext for eating chocolate is justified.

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