Monday, again

May30.jpgSo it is Monday, again, and even though the forecasts assure me it’s not yet going to rain every day, there’s enough water falling today to remind me what’s the weather going to be in the near future. RAINY.
Apparently I ate too much yesterday, since my stomach was complaining for the whole night and again I face the perils of a Monday with a sleepless night pulling me down. In a few hours, I am to host (in the absence of the Boss) a delegation from Germany that want to test some equipment we have with obscure cell types. I wouldn’t mind if I had a clear idea about what they want to achieve and most importantly, what they want from us (a 6-page document containing all kinds of protocols and solutions for recipes does not help too much, just makes me kinchoo – nervous… ) but for now… I’m only thinking about the fact that in 8-10 hours, they will be GONE and the only chore I am left with before the trip to MIT is explaining to the boss why the visit was unsuccessful (in case it was.)
I had made a promise on giving some details about the diet, so here it goes: Sunday’s menu:
-Sunflowerseed-bread with cheese (Emmental Mustaleima, Gouda, St.Moret garlic&herbs) and chorizo and mini-tomatoes
-Plain yoghurt with muesli and banana
-some fresh pineapple
-3 pieces of chocolate
Mosubaagaa’s abokadobaagaa (turned out to be quite a delicious (even though a bit overpriced) baagaa)
Dinner with F&S:
Edamame-peas with Madeira wine
Sauteed reindeer with mashed potatoes and lingonberries and a glass of beer
Blue cheese with fresh cherries and Macadia rosehip-liquor
Home-made applepie (this time it more or less came out as it should! I’m winning against my cunning oven!) with Hägen-Datz (sp?) vanilla ice cream
Movie: the Cuckoo
I’ve lost slightly more than 2 kilos in two weeks and do fit into the trousers, even though still some work is needed to make the fitting look decent. Even though I am allowing myself to eat on Sundays whaever I like, I don’t feel like eating that much really, and during the week only occasionally feel the need to stray from the designated meals. So, maybe this is working 😉
But, better go and put things into motion. Maybe some more interesting updates coming later, like about the latest eye trends among schoolgirls.