The small but impotant things

may28.jpg… besides not letting the dirty dishes spend time on their own for too long:
Wired reported that the latest hot among the local schoolgals is “pupil-enlarging black contact lenses” that give you the coveted anime-girl-looks. Could not find them in Ito Yokado; instead, found something that I interpreted as glue or sticky tape that give your eyes ‘impact’ – I guess it’s about glueing away that eyelid skin that makes the japanese eyes so characteristically beautiful…
Summer is (almost) here, so are summer stockings. It seems that most of the major Japanese stocking-brands offer summer-versions of their stockings – naturally, with a cooling effect and an UV-protection. Anything to keep your skin white. I’m strong here. Practically everything else ™ comes also equipped with UV-protection. Still haven’t seen a cell phone with UV-block-labels.
In preparation for summer and picnic-season, there are tens of new labels on the beer and chu-hi market. As everybody knows, it is frustratingly difficult to get any fiber whatsoever from the japanese food – therefore, to please all those taking care of their health, Sapporo brewing company has brought out a new light-beer – with added fiber. Only thing I miss for putative juhannus-BBQ’s is then the Benecol (? or some other Finnish brand) sausage that not only is good for your heart but also contains fiber.
What a great country this is:D
(Also, to make the previous entry more precise: it might not be clear to all and everybody, that ‘baagaa’ refers to hamburgers of the McDonalds / BurgerKing – type, meaning, a piece of meat between bread and other stuff and it is eaten with hands. ‘Hanbaagu’, on the other hand, is used solely with hamburgers of the other kind, meaning, piece of meat somewhere close to pieces of bread and stuff, served on a plate and eaten with a fork and a knife.)

2 thoughts on “The small but impotant things

  1. ‘Baagaa’ can also mean just the piece of meat, not necessarily even in the same room with the bread and stuff. At least I have eaten a couple of meals labeled “something baagaa”, and they have been just a meal with a piece of meat as the main dish.. 🙂

  2. Uhm, yes, you’re right – even in our local 24-h hambaagu-joint (Skylark Gusto) the main dish is called gasuto baagaa (even though it does come with the breadandstuff). But still, the banners outside the place advertise the place as a hambaagu – piza – pasuta – place.
    Dunno. Some japanese told me about this distinction between burgers – might’ve been just fooling me. Darn 😀

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