25166868_c1cbd9be36.jpgI’m not sure if I should be dancing around with glee or hide in the cupboard – it seems likely that the owner of that small little house in Ikebukuro would be willing to consider renting it to foreigners, with only one key money and even that broken down into several payments.
Even after the negotiations and haggling, the inital costs are pretty high, meaning no extra trips to Okinawa until end of the year at least (and no extra anything, more or less), but, in principle, the price is … doable.
Problem: the realtor wants 100% confirmation on the deal including all the fees and signatures by tenth of August, and it seems that the moving in would occur on a day that I’m jetlagging. I just suck at making fast moves – no, I HATE making abrubt decisions and changes to anything, but to think of it – that’s exactly how my life has been going on since forever. I’ve got TONS of work to do during the next two weeks, and I’m absolutely clueless to what kind of paperwork the move would require, and of course the Clothgirl on High Rice Fields who knows how to handle Everything is away on holiday.
Dunno. The agent needs to know by next Tuesday whether to proceed with the formalities or no (so that they’re finished by 10th).
What to do? The place is gorgeous – not Ginza, but quite nice traditional residental area, 10 minutes walk to Ikebukuro station and even less to the commercial area (including Metropolitan plaza and it’s coffee shop that’s been my hideout already since 2003…). House is very nice, the only real worry being that it might get bloody cold in there in wintertime, as the windows are not very tight – and I’m worrying that having wooden-walled bath room does not feel that nice if you find the floor frozen in the morning…
*stares bedazzled at the wall*
25167176_57b52ad878.jpgAnd, there’s the thing with space. There’s plenty of it. Could rather easily fit two extra persons. And, the list of currently owned furniture includes at the moment two things to sit on (not even chairs), a low bench-like thing that can be used to arrange potted flowers as well as a bookshelf full of books- but no bed, not even a mattress, or a fridge. The house is equipped with curtains, airconditioners (!!! 4 of them!!! ) and a dishwasher machine, and, importantly, enough lights to avoid any need for shopping & installing light. Two (!!) parking slots for cars, which I think can be used for evening barbeque. And, oh, about 30 cm around the house, enough to plant a garden if so inclined.
The cheapest rather nice ones that I’ve seen are quite a lot cheaper, yes, but with all the fees and deposits and so, the real difference in monthly costs is not more than 30-40 000 yen per month; that IS some money, yes, like the amount of monthly training bujinkan costs, return-trip to kyoto on a shinkansen or discount flights to somewhere nearby (HK, Shanghai, etc), many, many pints of beer. What I’m trying to think now, is it worth to pay that money for this luxury? (Especially since I’m just very barely crawling out of the earlier financial tragedy related to the apartment in Haaga…

6 thoughts on “House

  1. Go for it! It’s wonderful to have plenty of space. I can barely remember what it’s like to have enough storage space and privacy and am getting pretty desperate for a 2-3 bedroom apartment or house! Perhaps you can look forward to some kind of bonuses at work or something? Good luck!

  2. Well, no bonuses given in this company (as we are not exactly making any *profit* here), so my only chance for extra income is to ask for a raise – and that can’t be done until next April.
    Oh, one very important thing: hooking up to a decent internet connection would be very easy there. No more our present 128Mb/s ADSL shared by 90 apartments…
    A million things would need to be acquired / arrange if this was to proceed: starting form the fridge and something to sleep on, through somethings to put computer monitors on and ending up with the vacuum cleaner (DYSON!).
    But, ah, the other day, I was having a coffee at Metropolitan Plaza, and just the thought of living just a short walk from there…

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