House, still wondering

Dear all, thanks. The place is really worth drooling (if it realises itself, please come and visit it:); what I’m not yet convinced about is the cost of living there.
Worst part is not the rent itself – it would cause no problems whatsoever – but the HUMONGOUS amount of money needed to pay various establishments for the mere fact of moving in. A careful recalculation (don’t know how many times we’ve been through it on paper and excel sheets already) unquestionably show that it is DOABLE – even relatively comfortable after half a year of saving, assuming some things work out well. But, the bottom line still is that the initial costs are way over one *million* yen. (And this is after quite some haggling, and not in any way unusual for apartments in Tokyo)
(please don’t bother to convert that into euros or any other normal currency, or at least, for god’s sake, don’t tell me or I chicken out.)
Also, the small conformist in me is wondering if it is just TOO MUCH, too pompous to live not only in the world’s most expensive city, but also in something else than the minimal housing thing – minimal here being minimal what I can live with, NOT the minimal 7 square meters with toilet on the corridor-type rooms. I mean, that’s not *modest* at all.
And, good people are modest, right?

2 thoughts on “House, still wondering

  1. Pah, vaatimattomuus hiiteen. 🙂 Hieno talo, vuokratkaa pois jos raha riittää! Jos on pakko muuttaa joka tapauksessa, niin muuttakaa mukavaan paikkaan ja taloon josta tykkäätte. Nih!

  2. The way I see it, it’s where you’re going to be spending a sizable portion of your life. I have no doubt it is a hassle and that it’ll be expensive, but put it in perspective — if moving there is a huge pain in the ass but it’ll be a good place to live, seems to me it’d be worth the effort and the couple of nights you contemplate suicide while surrounded by your half-packed belongings.
    As for the XX (uh, see below), well… I’m perpetually broke, so that one million yen price tag — and I did do the conversion — is, uh, pretty hefty. But, I dunno — if you can foot the bill and unless you’re already planning on doing something else with the XX, why not go for it?
    As for good people being modest… Well, I dunno about that, really. Not that I dislike modesty, but I don’t think there’s anything wrong with living in a place you like any more than there’s anything wrong with eating something other than the cheapest noodles or buying books and DVDs or learning swordfighting. Doesn’t make you a bad person. A thoroughly minimalist approach to life does hold some apppeal, absolutely, but it’s not like we get to try this life thing a bunch of times — might as well try and get what you can out of it while you’re still alive. Sure, ethics come to play there, but I don’t think paying XX for a nice place to live in is particularly immodest, never mind immoral.
    Anyway, if you can afford the place, then it’s not really a question of XX as such — in the end, I guess it depends largely on how important your immediate surroundings are to you. I think that’s the key thing there.
    Oh, uh, an update: When attempting to post this, I was told that “Your comment could not be submitted due to questionable content: XX”, where “XX” is M-O-N-E-Y. Apparently, I cannot mention said word at all, or it won’t let me post the comment.
    That’s… uh, what? I mean, I realize that it’s probably a spam prevention measure, but — what the fuck? I can’t use the word at all?
    Dumbest thing I’ve seen all day.

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