No more Shining Harmony?

After proper prioritising of my to-do -lists, I find myself realising that I need a new blog. Since I’m moving out of the City of Shining Harmony by the end of the month… The current layout is over 18 months old already so time to update that as well, but, what on earth am I going to call the new result? The new house is in Ikebukuro (can be translated as pondbag), close to Kanamecho (sort of like “the point town”) subway station, in Toshima-ku (“rich”, or “excellent island” -ward), none of which strikes me particularly inviting. And I’m somewhat bored with the schema of naming after the address, after all, this is not a Tokyo-blog in the sense of Kallioblogi being a blog of Kallio…
Besides, I’m pretty sure that I’ll be writing mainly in Finnish from now on – as I’ve done for some time already. I have this growing feeling that my Finnish writing skills are getting worse by the day, and while writing I sometimes need to concentrate on the proper endings of words, ie. I definetly need to practise that. So, if there was anyone reading this blog, who does not understand Finnish and would deeply regret missing the superbly interesting details of my daily chores and hardships, please let me know soon. (Once in a while I’ll problably write in english, just because sometimes it feels better.)
(Kanamechoosta saa tietysti helposti kanametson.)
Oh well. Like I had nothing more important to worry about. In worst case, I’ll just keep the good ol’name (since I’ll be still working in Wako-shi).

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