Gotta love this nation

Firman maililistalle tuli tällainen tänään:

We have been notified by the Deputy Chief
Cabinet Secretary’s office and the Global Environment Bureau that July
7 has been designated as Cool Earth Day due to a proposal made by Prime
Minister Fukuda to the Global Warming Prevention Headquarter on June

The purpose of Cool Earth Day is to have all citizens think about the
importance of the environment and to strive for a low-carbon society by
promoting energy-saving measures in the home and the workplace. July 7,
the Tanabata festival, traditionally the night for viewing the Milky
Way, and the first day of the G-8 Summit, was designated.

On Monday, July 7, RIKEN will also take measures as shown below. We ask
that offices and laboratories cooperate in a manner that does not
interfere with your work.

Eco Wave, which was described in an earlier memo asking employees to
leave on time and turn off lights, was planned in conjunction with Cool
Earth Day.

  1. Leave work on time
    • Leave work on time, if possible, and turn the light out
      by 8:00 pm, as you leave.
  2. Use minimal lighting at all facilities
    • Only use minimal lighting at all facilities from 8:00
      pm to 10:00 pm.

Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.

Luulis ekoajattelun uppoavan muissakin maissa, jos siihen kuuluisi määräys lähteä töistä aikaisin…

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